Current Experiments (May 2020)

In the last post I explained what I mean by experiments (basically all I mean is to test new things). Now I’m going to explain what I’ll be experimenting with and posting here in the near future.

I will be learning about wine and hiking.

Why wine? I am very interested in cooking, craft, and creation. I love how food is understood by almost everyone and everyone will have an emotional reaction to taste. So when I make something others can eat, it’s not just something to be appreciated for flavor but it’s something that they take for nutrients. The first experiment I will go into is making my own wine (one of the first fungi projects that I detail on here). I’m choosing wine because I’m interested in fungi of various sorts (including mushrooms). And wine is simply a by product of wine and grape juice.

Why hiking? I love being outside in natural settings, the seclusion, and how productive I am when I get back from a trip. Part of the love is the appreciation of nature but another part is the physical challenge (and benefits).

A post on each of these topics will be posted on the site for more in depth information on my background and what I plan on experimenting with within the subjects.

All the topics I go in depth on this site are also about discovering. Why learning? Well this site is all about experimenting, and another way to define experimenting is learning by testing new things or learning by doing and trying it out yourself. So I hope that when you go over this site and the posts focused on learning, you learn a few things about subjects that I learn as well. Much of the information may seem repetitive, but I will try my best to put it in interesting an engaging ways so that you too can learn what is essential about the subject.

Because a lot of the experimenting that I will be doing is another way for me to get to know a subject, a lot of this site and posts will be focused around learning. In the next posts I will detail strategies for learning any subject and what I call AIM, or rather, Area of Interest Matrix. An Area of Interest Matrix is one way to call the sources of information from which you will be studying (or rather what you will be learning from).

Thanks for tuning in,