thoughts on daily habits

Sleep. Meditate. Write. Read.

Why? They will all give you worth while benefits that will give your day more enjoyment. I think each will give you skills that help you with your goals and spending time with others. I would have never guessed that the simple act of paying attention to the breath or observing the illusion of the self (two common ways of meditating) would ease my struggle in concentrating on daily tasks. When I do them on a daily basis, along with fulfilling my other physical needs, my outlook on life is drastically improved and I wonder why others aren’t doing it too.

Sleep. Sleep helps my mind feel rested and focus. I struggle to concentrate long enough on any of the three other activities without it. (Sleep until you feel rested. Utilize melatonin or other sleep supplements if needed).

Meditation. Meditation helps me focus. It might just be the antidote to the jumbled brain condition caused by overuse of addictive social media and other screen based media. It also allows me to explore lines of thought that I otherwise would have ignored if they occurred while I was consuming media. I literally used to not be able to read to the end of a page without going off on a 2 minute thinking tangent. Perhaps my brain is unique in that I had an attention disorder (never diagnosed but I speculate) and meditation just works for me. Maybe that’s true, but I’ll give the typical meditation advice and say: meditation won’t hurt do it anyways. I got into the habit of meditation by listening to the following video once a day for about 3 or 4 months. Here’s the video if the links not dead: . I now find that meditating at least 20 minutes (around 40 minutes) significantly improves my productivity in almost any activity I do that day, and my generosity towards others.

Writing. Writing helps me develop the flow of words. I feel that I express my ideas clearer when I talk to others, I’m funnier because I’m able to come up with quick responses, and I’m able to follow my goals becasue writting helps me concretely follow ideas and clearly write out my goals. Mediation helps with coming up with ideas in writing because often in meditation I’m day dreaming and then I’ll come across an idea and it will inspire me to capture the idea by writing it down. So I encourage you to get a pen that writes well and a piece of paper. What to write? Write anything. Just make sure to do 2 pages a day. (Of course page size can vary. So aim for around 300 words). (Also if you get writers block I find that more meditation or caffeine does the trick).

Reading. Reading further helps me become articulate and collect good ideas. There is something about the exposure to lots of words and observing lots of language that makes me use language much more effectively. Quite often in meditating or in writing I will come across the same ideas. I find that reading helps me break out of the same thought loops by exposing me to language that isn’t my own. Read what you’re interested in. Also listening to podcasts or audio books also has a similar desired effect as reading. So I encourage you to expose yourself to reading, podcasts, or audio books at least once a day. (If you are feeling lazy try listening to podcasts. If you want something quicker than reading try listening to an audio book and following along with a physical copy or ebook).

If you aren’t doing any of these activities on a daily basis, I encourage you to change that. Do all of them in combination with one another as they have a synergistic effect. Doing them each day will make you feel better, make you more articulate, improve social interactions, and help you accomplish your goals. And because of the joy it gives you on a daily basis, you will start to find your life much more interesting and much more fulfilling.

Thanks for tuning in,