What do I mean by “Experiments”?

So if you’re on the site now, you know it’s Paul Experiments. But it may not be clear to what what exactly I mean by experiments. By experiments I don’t mean scientific experiments (although I am open to doing some of those and reporting them here on the site).

What I mean by experiments is: to carry out something new, to try it out. And I will be doing exactly that: try out new things and testing them out. I wanted to start this site not so much to impart my knowledge on what I know, but instead to bring you along my journey of exploration. And the purpose of trying new things is obvious but it’s worth reemphasizing: I try new things to push myself to learn new things and indulge my curiosity.

So what will I be experimenting on? What significant progress and changes in my life will I make? I’ll tell you in the next post.